In our parents' time, individuals were employed in one company and remained there for their entire career. We now live in a world of downsizing, mergers and acquisitions. The job market has become volatile and highly competitive. It is common and predictable that people are dismissed and career paths are disrupted forcing change and transition. But predictability does not make career change any easier. One is never prepared for the emotional shock and disruption caused by termination. In today's world, you need an experienced professional to guide you back on the road to career success.


Our clients are assigned an experienced career consultant best matched by personality and background. We advise and personally assist in the termination process. We immediately take the client under our wing, lending emotional support during the initial period of shock and realization. Downtown executive office space is available, including secretarial, telephone, fax and computer support. A complete, in-depth evaluation of the client's unique characteristics and status is made. This includes a four-point personal analysis that attempts to uncover the client's inherent strengths and weaknesses. A study of job history, vocational and aptitude testing, and interviews with past employers help The Lowenthal Group's consultant form a picture of the present conditions. From this picture, an achievable goal is created and a step-by-step plan to achieve the goal is mapped out. We prepare and coach the client with information and detailed training, including résumé writing, interview training and job hunting skills. We accompany the client along every step of the way, calling on specialists to help with specific challenges on an as-needed basis. This One-On-One focus has resulted in a remarkable success rate for our clients.