Plant closures. Major downsizing. Mergers. All create complex situations that put employees in transition. How do you break the news to your employees, key stakeholders, and the press? How do you best comply with government regulations? How do you best manage the requirements of unionized employees and the anxieties and anger of displaced executives? How do you handle the fears and insecurities of those employees who remain? Complex, emotional events like these require a well-thought-out strategy including a detailed action plan.


Instances like these are not one event, but a series of events. Events that require diverse expertise. Experience has taught us that the best path to take is a full-team approach managed under one strategic umbrella. The Lowenthal Group will first help Management define the strategic focus of the transition. Next, we will design a comprehensive communications and human resources plan. We will manage and implement the plan with the help of a unified team of hand-picked, seasoned experts. This All-In-One Service will include everything from the preemptive planning and management of employee meetings and press conferences to customized career transition counselling programs that will help employees get back on their feet and into jobs.