When the performance of a valued executive is significantly hampered by skill gaps or an inflexible management style, professional career consulting is the most effective course of action in helping tear down the roadblocks to optimal effectiveness.


  • When negative personal and management characteristics hinder the executive's management potential.
  • When the executive no longer "fits in" during and after structural change.
  • When the executive is not adjusting to a new role or situation.
  • When there is evidence of dissension, miscommunication or resentment with co-workers and subordinates.
  • When the executive is seemingly mis-matched with the company character and ethos.


The Lowenthal Group has created and developed the Action Plan to Success. APS is a disciplined nine-step program led by an experienced consultant whose personality and background experience is compatible with the employee. This systematic approach is an individualized, one-on-one, personal learning process designed to bring about performance improvement and personal growth for the individual as well as better business results for the organization. It is carefully tailored to the individual's unique challenges and learning pace as well as the unique demands of the particular workplace.

Our APS program begins with a unique five-point cartographic self-assessment study. This includes a complete analysis of the executive's personal performance, an assessment conducted by an industrial psychologist and a 360º Feedback: a thorough report based on interviews and reviews conducted from the three corners of the executive's workplace environment - superiors, peers and subordinates.


We analyze the findings and define measurable and meaningful career goals. We plot a road map to achieve these goals. We coach every step of the way, engendering in the executive an empowering strategy of performance and leadership. We periodically conduct feedback research to monitor change in behaviour, modifying as necessary until success can be measured and the goals are achieved.