In a world of downsizing and restructuring, valued employees can be faced with the disappearance of their position or a change unsuitable to their experience or talents. Whether the individual seeks to remain with the company in a different capacity or wishes to change careers, he or she may not possess the tools necessary to making a successful transition. In either case, the search for a new career direction can prove to be a complex and frustrating experience.


The Lowenthal Group has developed a comprehensive and effective, nine-step program to identify, match and develop new career skills and lay the groundwork for change. The entire program is managed by one seasoned career consultant who acts as coach, mentor and leader in a program designed to help individuals redirect and enhance their talents and reach their potential. First, the consultant conducts a thorough assessment of inherent talents, skills, interests and weaknesses of the individual. This may include a career review, interviews with colleagues, back-checking of references from previous job positions and an assessment by an industrial psychologist. An inventory of assets is made. Information is solicited from functional and industry experts. We then focus on the most realistic and potentially rewarding career possibilities and create an Action Plan to Success. The APS includes personal assessments, strategies, timelines, and necessary training and coaching. Experts offering assistance in such diverse fields as presentation skills and financial planning are brought in as needed. The consultant serves as a coach in résumé writing, interviewing skills, job search techniques and will act as a mentor during salary negotiations. If the employee is looking for a career change outside their present company, The Lowenthal Group also offers downtown executive office space including secretarial, phone, fax and computer services. This combination of business acumen and psychological training enables us to provide expert assistance in dealing with the impact of change and transition.