THE LOWENTHAL GROUP is recognized as one of Canada's most respected executive career management consultancies. This reputation has been achieved through measurable success in practicing our unique one-on-one approach to career challenges. One team leader working with one client. This intense attention focused on our clients has paid off with a remarkable success rate.

SEASONED PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS. Led by Jan Lowenthal, The Lowenthal Group is comprised of senior, agile professionals with broadly-based backgrounds. We draw from a diverse group of over 25 hand picked psychologists, financial planners, presentation skills trainers, stress management consultants, interview coaches, business start-up advisors, human resources consultants and other functional and industry advisors. These professionals are chosen for their depth of specialized training and expertise, as well as for their highly developed attributes of empathy, optimism and emotional support.

SUPPORTIVE, ENCOURAGING ENVIRONMENT. Unexpected or self-directed change is a frightening, emotional experience. The combination of our expertise in business and psychology enables us to provide expert assistance in dealing not only with the informational aspects, but the emotional issues required in successfully managing change and transition. We provide you with the techniques that help you adapt to and appreciate the merits of change. We lend emotional support, helping you overcome the blinding barriers which inhibit decision-making. Ultimately, we enable you to visualize, plan and proceed on the career path that is best for you.